Chosen by Waterstone’s to be book-of-the-month for Scotland, this is a book for anyone who has ever thought “What if?” A true story about a woman who dared to follow her dreams…Jessica Fox was living in Hollywood, an ambitious 25-year-old filmmaker with a job at NASA.   Seized by a moment of inspiration, she typed “second hand bookshop Scotland” into Google, clicking on the first link she saw.  A month later she arrived 2,000 miles across the Atlantic for a holiday at  The Bookshop in Wigtown.  A roller coaster journey ensued, taking in Scottish Hanukkah, yoga on Galloway’s West Coast and a waxing that she will never forget.  It was a journey that would both break and mend her heart, and teach her that sometimes we must have the courage to travel the path less taken.  Only then can we truly become the writers of our own stories.