An author, screenwriter and director, Fox’s love of stories and images began at the age of 5 when reality betrayed her and she realized dressing in a Superman costume did not in fact grant you super powers.  Thus a life of creating, stories, directing and play/collaboration was born. Her formal film education began at FAMU, the National Film School in Prague studying screenwriting and directing.  Inspired by the connection between stories and scientific exploration, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Franklin and Marshall College with a B.A. in Folklore/Mythology and Astronomy. 
First shadowing directors and producers, from The Honolulu Theater for Youth to WNET in New York, Fox then founded Mythic Image Studios, creating music videos, shorts, commercials and documentaries.  Her writing/directing work includes The Dresden Doll’s “The First Last Tour”, “Bluebeard” (North Hampton, Maryland and Boston Int. Film Festivals), “Birth” a Kickstarted funded experimental animation, music videos for Zoe Bestel, The Bookshop Band, Super Hot Joy and commercials for Spring Fling, Hidden Genius, The Bookshop, Wigtown Book Festival among others.
Most recently, Fox directed “Shakespeare: The Puppet Show” at the Victoria Albert Museum, listed as one of the 10 children shows of 2014 in London. She is adapting her first novel, “Three Things You Need to Know About Rockets” (published by Short Books, Waterstone’s Book of the Month) for screen and is co-creating “Never After”, a fairy tale series featuring stars like Gillian Anderson with Story Sisters Productions. Fox was a resident storyteller at NASA, is Chief Narrative Officer for Hidden Genius and enjoys feeding her inner nerd by story consulting for science and tech organizations.